Wealth Consciousness = Worth Consciousness

You don't have a money block, there are no blocks, only a lack of awareness. 
If you can't recognize your abundance, chances are you are unable to witness your gifts. Your gifts are your power to create and exchange. 

Oftentimes, people are unaware of their language, habits and fears that repel money and keep them away from opportunity.  

I know because I was holding myself in a constantly money struggle. 

I lied to myself and told myself I was "doing good" and okay when I made $4-5k per month but truly I was worried about spending. I was afraid to give myself that which I truly desired. I told myself, "I don't have it, but one day..." 

I would struggle to get to money. I'd experience up's and down's in income that killed my confidence for weeks. 


The shame, guilt and regret when it came to my relationship with money paralyzed me. I felt finanically irresponsible and not good enough.

I was self-sabotaging myself, I was surviving, never thriving. 

Money worries ran my life. 

I wondered if I would ever feel truly abundant. At one point I was on welfare, I rarely filled my tank with gas, I would put $10 or $20 in at a time, afraid to spend the little money I had. 


I had the single mother story ready for any who judged me for not having the money for bills or my increasing debt. "I have a child, I'm on my own, you don't understand"

Beyond the struggle stories, I found the shame. I felt worthless. The debt was a heavy weight on me that seemed insurmountable. Could I ever get ahead and pay off the thousands of dollars in debt?

It seemed impossible when I my bank account hovered just above empty after my bills were paid. 

I didn't understand what was happening with my money story. I wanted to live without worrying about buying the basics. I wanted to indulge in fancy dinners and luxurious vacations. I wanted to invest in myself. I wanted to make 6 figures and beyond

I wanted to. That was the problem. I wanted versus deciding
FINALLY, I got fed up and dug deep into my psyche to uncover the truth. It took a lot of honesty and various moments that led me to unlocking my abundance. 

Now I live a much different lifestyle, my daughter and I live at the beach, at a location I've dreamed of for years. I've been blessed to bring my neice to come live with me to enjoy what I've created as well. The best part? Creating income no longer scares me.

 I paid off my debt, I expand to receive more money when needed and consciously fall into flow with the Universal Laws governing all life.  

I now understand the energetics of money. I know it's not about money, it's about worthiness. Various beliefs lead us to feel that we don't deserve certain levels of income, abundance, GOODNESS.

I share this with my private clients, my group clients get a taste but now I want to share with YOU.  

The results have been amazing! Both men and women who've experienced this workshop have made instant changes to their life and business. Many have moved into my group and private mentorship to create more results! 

Here's what you'll get...

- Pre-Session Awareness Work: You'll begin to identify your money fears and abundance blocking habits before the workshop. 

- Wake Up Your Wealth Consciousness Workshop: This online program is going to be a tough love wake up call to uncover all the ways you've pushed money away. The tough side will invite you to explore your habits and uncover subconscious blocks. The love will be self-forgivness and a powerful activation of Universal Love & TRUTH. This 3 hour session will be followed by Q & A. *you can move through the process again and again with recording.

- Post-Session Expansion Work: You'll recieve a guided meditation and to maintain the awareness from my class. This will ground you in the truth about your WORTH and PROSPERITY. 
Take a look at what others have to say about Nichole
Nichole Sylvester's sojourn into her true Self is one we can all take inspiration and courage from. A true spritual warrior, she has proven in the laboratory of her own consciousness that none of us should ever give up on ourselves, that our Buddha-nature, our Christ-nature, is always victorious over our inner and outer life challenges.
Michael Bernard Beckwith
author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning
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Jen Kohler
Intuitive Coach and Reiki Master
Elinor Cohen
Intuitive Business & Marketing Strategist
Nichole is Amazing...truly the Best of the Best!! 
 I believe everyone needs a coach and mentor. We need someone to challenge us and to give us new tools and techniques to live the best version of ourselves. 
 This is exactly what I've experienced with Nichole! I signed up for her first program not knowing what to expect. I was blown away from the very beginning. I had immediate transformations and saw results that have been life changing for me. After that program ended, I signed up for my second program the very next week. I highly recommend Nichole to anyone that is searching for Amazing Breakthroughs and Results that will last a lifetime!!!
xo, Michele
Des Davis
Self-Realization Mentor 
Kim McLellan Zielinski 
Founder, Outlier Mom 

Mary Rogers 
Self-Expansion Coach
Anabel Vizcarra
Women's Embodiment Mentor
Wake Up Your Wealth Consciousness will shift your story with money FOREVER. Beyond that, you will raise your standards in life and love. This is worthiness work. 

Wealth consciousness = Worth Consciousness
The investment to transform your relationship with money forever is $97.00!!!
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Nichole Sylvester - 2017
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