A weekend gathering where womxn gather to reconnect, remember and RISE into their Divinity. 

We're not able gather this large group in-person, however, we will gather virtually and trust me, it will be MIRACULOUS! 

I invited my favorite healers, activators and guides to join me here in my home to bring you a heart-opening weekend you won't forget.  

Two days, two totally different experiences to awaken your senses, activate your body and clear your mind to align with your highest vision. 

Day one is Alignment Day. All about pleasure, spiritual connection and softening into safety within yourself to trust the Divine. I have special guest guides to help you tap into the pleasure, flow and faith in day one. Prepare to feel Expansive and deeply connected. 

Day 2 is Abundance Day. I help women THRIVE financially & live energy rich. Day 2 is fierce and focused on your Worth. From strenthening your boundaries, clearing energy leaks to growing your bank Account. My friends and I will help you FEEL and grow rich. Prepare to remember your Divine Worth and tap into your Infinite Wealth. 

Check out this clip from 2019 live event...

This virtual weekend is for the womxn ready to go all in on their potential. No more hiding, playing small and running from your own gifts. 

The weekend is based on Nichole's method of high-performance spirituality.

 Within this weekend you’ll be guided inward to access your power like never before. You'll discover clarity, strength, wisdom and confidence that uplifts and launches you into next-level YOU. 
DAY 1 ~ Alignment Day 
 Our first day together will be profound and healing. There aren't words to fully describe the depth of this experience, it feels like coming home. 

You'll be guided inward to activate unconditional love and acceptance. Identify emotional and mental "blocks" to align and experience harmony.  Day one is full of soulful interactive experiences to support you as you return home to Self. 

I've invited some of my favorite healers/practitioners. This spiritual experience will open your heart, raise your vibration to prepare you for the magic of Day 2. 
DAY 2 ~ Abundance Day
Activating Your Inner-Riches 
It's time to take up space, declare your desires and prepare to receive. 
The focus of day 2 is Self-Worth & Infinite Wealth

From strenthening your boundaries, clearing energy leaks to growing your bank Account. My friends and I will help you FEEL and grow rich. Prepare to remember your Divine Worth and tap into your Infinite Wealth. 


When we show up authentically, our loving support to one another is medicinal. 
At Harmonious Hustle Virtual Weekend we go deep, quickly. This event is designed to connect you to others in a meaningful way.

Our virtual hangout will be open for 7 days! You can take time to share and connect with women from all over the world. 

Expect an inclusive, loving environment that you won't want to leave. (See what our participants last year had to say below)
The Harmonious Hustle VIP is an intimate & luxurious experience to prime you for the ultimate breakthroughs. 

OH MY GOSH, the VIP is everything. Expect an unforgettable experience before we even begin our main event. 

Our environment has the ability to activate and uplift. That's why I create the VIP opportunity.  Join me for an intimate, inspiring and decadent evening together. 

As VIP you'll enjoy reserved first row seating for the entire weekend for HHLIVE. Plus, the super exclusive VIP experience with myself and 9 other women. 

VIP experience is happening Friday October 2nd @ 5pm in Newport Beach area. Transportation will be provided from event hotel. 
Meet the Founder
Yesssss! You’ve made your way here. I’m so excited to see you at the Harmonious Hustle in October. 

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Nichole and I teach my method of High Performance Spirituality. 

Surrender, silence, unconditional love, radical self-acceptance and forgiveness are high-performance practices. It's not just your body or your mind, your spirit is the limitless part of you. I guide you to tap in and turn it up to experience an EPIC inner-revolution. 

I’m a living testimony of the radical transformation that’s possible is all areas of life when we trust and say yes. That's why I can't shut up about helping others. I know how much can shift for you, I want to see that happen in the BEST ways possible. 

I’m a bestselling author, podcaster, spiritual teacher, transformational speaker, entrepreneur and mama. 

We explore worthiness, confidence, self-love and of course living your boldest and BEST life. 

Harmonious Hustle is all about tapping into your wholeness, your power and leaving unstoppable!  

 So trust me on this, it’s a unique event that will ROCK YOUR WORLD and harmonize your hustle. 

You’ve got big plans, it’s time to make it happen...together! 

Participants from 2019 say...
One of the best live events of the year! Meeting Nichole in person and other amazing leaders was definitely a highlight of 2019. 
The 2-day event was soulful, inspiring and full of high-vibing, purpose oriented entrepreneurs. 
Nichole’s energy is pure love and acceptance for other humans. She’s authentic and genuine. Her clear purpose, mission and drive are felt deeply and inspire others to rise up. 

Malgosia, Mindset Coach + Skincare Expert 
The experience that I had at HHLive was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I was raw and open and honest and emotional, but I wasn’t scared. Being there with so many likeminded people and feeling supported and loved was beyond amazing. Words can’t even describe. I can’t wait for the next one.

Sarah, Blogger & E.O. Expert 

Guest Teachers & Soulful Guides

Saturday October 3rd & Sunday October 4th

10am - 3pm PST / 1pm - 6pm EST

Harmonious Hustle Virtual Weekend
Only $197! 
Harmonious Hustle Live
(General Seating)


*also available in 2 monthly payments of $247*
VIP Experience +
 Harmonious Hustle Live


Investment includes:

2 days of Transformational Workshops
7 days of Community & Connecting 


Buy before September 1st ~ Receive EXCLUSIVE Gift! Morning Money Activation 
(Value $33)

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